has a diverse educational background in nursing, law, alternative dispute resolution and educational psychology and child development. She advocates on behalf of families and students with disabilities in the public school setting. Most recently, she has continued teaching advocacy training and law courses at local universities and is branching of into specialty methodologies that can be used with students with special needs. In continuing her education, she is focusing on children with complex trauma and an emphasis on childhood traumatic grief and behavioral therapy. While she prefers conflict resolution, she also does state and federal complaints and due process hearings. Christine can be reached at

  has a diverse background in special education for ages 3-5, as well as assistance with family conflict for families and adolescents. She is our emergency resource parent for families that are in crisis. Her training and life experience makes her the ideal support person in dealing not only with disabilities, but raising the children of extended family members, some of which who have disabilities themselves. She excels at helping families prioritize their needs. and clarifying substance abuse for both teens and adults. In a very nonjudgmental way, she is able to assist families to getting back on the right path to better the lives of children and adults. She has a strong, educated background of understanding blended families, parenting other (extended families) children, substance abuse,  children with prenatal exposure, and family crisis and conflict. Tisha can be reached at

 has her PH.D is psychology. Besides being a outstanding advocate, and writing excellent evaluations she is also our autism specialist. She enjoys focusing on children with developmental disables and behaviors. Her unique understanding allows her to focus what other children with autism are experiencing and makes her one of the best examiners in Southern California. She also enjoys advocating for children who have Regional Center eligibility and are identified as special education students. She has a strong success rate for teasing out behaviors that are related to disabilities. In addition, she has the skills of filing state and federal complaints and due process hearings. Imari can be reached at