Sample Letters

Below are sample draft letters that can be used to assist you in advocating for your child’s educational needs.

Directions: Choose the letter that applies to your situation, and cut and paste the letter into the word editing program of your choice, such as Google docs or Microsoft Word. In the parts of the letter where you see (……..) insert your child’s information.

Don’t forget when you turn the letter into the school to get a copy with time/date stamp to prove you gave your school the letter.

Request for a complete copy of your child's educational records

Initial request for a special education evaluation of your child

Request for additional assessment from your school district

Request for an IEP team meeting

Request for an Independent educational evaluation (IEE)

Request for Prior Written Notice/Disagreement with the IEP

Follow up letter

Letter to postpone your child's IEP meeting

These letters are only samples are are not intended to be legal advice