FAPE Training

(FAPE Training)

About Kids Advocacy provides Family, Advocacy and Parent Education (FAPE) to interested people in Southern California.


Learn how to navigate the educational system as a family unit and obtain a better understanding of the overall process from legislation to implementation. Family trainings are three-hour classes over one month on week nights or Saturday mornings. (4 weeks)


Lean about special education laws so that you can advocate in your community. Help by assisting other parents in obtaining appropriate educational services for their child. Advocacy trainingx are one three-hour evening class a week for four months or six-hours on Saturday mornings for four months (16 weeks).


Learn how to resolve issues in your child’s education. Walk into an IEP meeting feeling confident in your ability to advocate for your child needs. Parent training is two weekday evenings for three-hours or one Saturday class for six-hours. (1 week)

FAPE Trainings are designed to be an intensive educational program. They cover such topics as:

  • Accommodations and Modifications
  • Building relationships with school staff
  • Charting test scores
  • Child Find
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Evaluations
  • Goals and Objectives
  • How to become your own advocate
  • How to identify the need to obtain the service
  • How to resolve concerns on a local and state level
  • Obtaining educational records
  • Obtaining independent evaluations
  • Placement
  • Present Levels of Performance
  • Services
  • Strategies for successful outcomes
  • Understanding FAPE
  • Understanding LRE
  • Understanding methodologies
  • Understanding procedural safeguards
  • Understanding Special Education Laws
  • Understanding the legislative process
  • Writing parent attachments

If your group would like to participate in a FAPE training, please contact us to schedule dates/times and locations. This is a very inexpensive class to become informed and empowered. The biggest expense is your time commitment to learning!