About Kids Advocacy looks at all behaviors as a form of communication. From temper-tantrums to whining, it all has a reason. What is your child trying to communicate? About Kids Advocacy recognizes how important it is for parents to have information about their child's needs so they can be informed and feel like they understand their child.

Types of Evaluations:


AKA offers behavioral evaluations designed to target the parents biggest concerns, explore why the behavior is occurring, and how the behavior can be replaced with positive action. These evaluations are comprehensive and get to the root of your child's needs.


All children learn and grow at their own pace within a "window" of time. We all know about the developmental milestones for infants and toddlers, but did you also know that there are many additional milestones as children grow older. These milestones continue through beyond puberty.

If we focus on these developmental milestones, we can help parents understand why and when their children become frustrated or why your teenager doesn't want to go to school.


There are all times when we are ""in a funk," but when your child is "is in a funk" is there more going on? One of every four people have a mental health need at some point in their life. This doesn't mean that your child will forever have mental health needs, or even need to be medicated, but understanding the "funk" can help parents help their child.


AKA is proud to be one of the few Social Thinking providers in Southern California. Click here for more information.