Developmental Support

Is what my child is doing typical? 

The first three years of life are a significant period of growth for all children. As infants become aware of their world, they begin to explore, reach out to others, and communicate. During this time, infants or toddlers who may have a developmental delay or disability need special help to reach their full potential.

Services and supports that can help your child are called early intervention services.

More than 50 years of medical and educational research shows that these services, which are based on the individual needs of your child and family, can make a profound difference in a child’s future. You, as the parent, work together with professionals to decide which early intervention services may be best for your child.

The earlier children who may be at risk of a disability receive special services, and the sooner their families receive support regarding their child’s development, the farther the child will go in life.

About Kids Advocacy can help you answer questions you may have about your child's development. Are you simply looking for reassurance that your baby or toddler is meeting the developmental milestones on time? Does your parent instinct tell you something is just not right with your baby but your not sure what? Do you notice that your baby or toddler is "not doing" what older siblings were doing at the same age?

About Kids Advocacy can provide evaluations from birth through age four. We spend up to five hours observing and evaluating your baby or toddler in different environments so we can collect the best possible data. AKA utilizes testing interments designed for infants and toddlers to ensure that your child is developing within the range of milestones for their age. At the end of the evaluation, we provide a report that explains to you what skills your infant or toddler has, and how that compares to the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

About Kids Advocacy believes that early identification is so important that we never turn a family away for an evaluation because they can not afford it. Our costs for an evaluation are the lowest in the area, about the same as a Starbucks coffee everyday for a few weeks, and we will accept even the smallest of payment plans. 

You can then take this report to your pediatrician for identification, diagnosis and, if necessary, referral to the appropriate agencies to obtain supports and services for your infant or toddler.  

By working closely with you, as early intervention professionals we ensure that services, community supports, and parent-to-parent resources are brought together to meet your child’s unique needs and the needs of your family to support your child’s development.

About Kids Advocacy can help you access Early Start services

Early intervention services under Early Start are provided by regional centers and local education agencies throughout California. Services are provided based on assessed need and delivered within your child’s everyday routines, activities, and places at no cost to you.

These include:
  •  assistive technology devices/services
  •  audiology (hearing) services
  •  family training, counseling, and home visits
  •  some health services
  •  medical services for diagnostic or evaluative purposes only
  •  nursing
  • nutrition counseling
  •  occupational therapy
  •  physical therapy
  •  psychological services
  •  respite
  •  service coordination (case management)
  •  social work services
  •  special instruction
  •  speech and language services
  •  transportation services
  •  vision services
  •  others as needed