Welcome to About Kids Advocacy- where your child's needs can be met!

About Kids Advocacy is a group of professionals who have come together collectively to provide outstanding supports and services to meet the unique needs of your child. 

Together we have it all-
  • Evaluations
    • Behavioral
    • Social
    • Emotional
    • Developmental
  • Behavioral Support Services 
    • Applied Behavior Analysts Therapy (ABA)
    •  Floortime/D.I.R. ®
    • Play Project ®
  • Agency Advocacy Services
    • School District
    • Regional Centers
  • Mental Health Evaluations and Support
  • Infant Screenings
    • Early Start Services
  • Transition Services
  • Social Skills using Social Thinking ® by Michelle Garcia Winner
  • Transition Services
  • FAPE Training® (Family, Advocacy and Parent Educational Training.)
    • FETA Support Group
  • Classroom, Community and Home Observations
  • Developmental Support and Progress
  • Trauma evaluations and intervention
  • Resources for parents, adults and people with disabilities

Services can be purchased individually or in packages at a discount rate.

Most services and programs can begin anytime during the year