I am a volunteer Vice President for California Concerned Parent Association (CCPA)- and the current media liaison for this origination. I would greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this, and view the links below. This will assist the both of us in having a better dialogue and for you to ask questions that are informed and meaningful to get to the core of your article. 

If you have made it this far, THANK YOU!

Now on a more personal note: 

When I eventually became a member of CCPA I knew it would have no impact on my children. This was litigation for the long term betterment of California special education students, and as parents we might not feel the immediate weight or impact of the courts decision, should the Plaintiff's win.

I have spent several weeks trying to counter the misinformation that was reported, and amazingly is still being reported. Privacy, in my opinion, is not a concern. If you read the Electronic Security Protocol put in place by Judge Muller, you realize this now too. Whom ever attempted this "Child Privacy" campaign based on fear did a great PR spin, but ignored the real issue.  
I have known for most of my career that the California Department of Education has always been in non-compliance and have been issued "corrective actions" from the Federal Department of Education.

In the Alice Parker Letter from 2000 (16 years ago) which is from the Federal Department of Education to CDE it states:
"CDE cannot yet demonstrate that it is implementing an effective system that consistently identifies and corrects noncompliance. The corrective action plan requires CDE to submit an additional report to OSEP on or before June 30, 2000." 
Yet here we are, still dealing with the same issues- minimal over site at the state level, minimal compliance with state and federal law, lack of transparency in all processes and failure to educate special education students and meet their educational needs. 

As I began to read the plaintiffs case, and observed how vigorously CDE fought for the privacy of student data at the state level, I realized something was not right- then I began reading anything and everything available- web pages, media articles, court documents- in short everything- and I had an enlightening moment:

CDE is not fighting for my child's privacy, they are fighting to avoid accountability. 

Being acutely aware of the systemic issues with special education across California I felt an obligation to become involved. CCPA is just a large group of parents trying to make the special education system better in the only forum that we have left- the court system, I am honored to volunteer with these parents-I do believe justice will prevail. I am humbled that the members speak to me and each one shares with me their own "story." Lastly, I am excited to be a part of what I believe will be the biggest civil rights case in California since the inception of special education. 


VP, California Concerned Parent Association

The Parker letter can be found here: (it will immediately begin a download)